Eddie Vedder!

“There’s a close race in Washington State…it’s called Referendum 74. It’s about the right for same sex marriages to take place. We’d like to dedicate this one to couples that are in love, no matter what — of the same sex, of the opposite sexes, or tons of sex.” – Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, introducing the band’s song “Just Breathe” at a 2012 concert.

Referendum 74 was put to the voters to decide if a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in that state should be upheld. The measure passed with 53.7% of the vote. Just after midnight on December 9, 2012, legally-recognized same-sex weddings took place.

Today is Eddie Vedder’s 50th birthday. Here are twenty of his best.

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Glenn's Ten 005

This Date In Glenn’s Ten

In 1980 an Ohio-born performer living in Australia wrote and recorded a song that went on to sell over six million copies. It went to #1 in a dozen or so countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK, where it reigned on top for three weeks. It has been covered dozens of times in different languages, and that’s not including the many versions of the tune that have been uploaded to YouTube.

The performer is Joe Dolce and the song is “Shaddap You Face,” which was #1 in Glenn’s Ten (the only chart that matters) on this day in 1981.

Glenn's Ten 005Thirty-three years of Glenn’s Ten lists are in these books

My point in telling you this is this – no idea is too stupid. If there is a song you wish to write, a book you wish to publish, an invention you wish to create, go for it! You could be the next Joe Dolce! And if someone tells you your idea sucks, say to them “Ah, shaddup you face.”

Today’s playlist consists of songs that were #1 in Glenn’s Ten on May 8 going back to 1981. The only one missing is 1993’s entry, “Riding on a Rocket” by Shonen Knife, as that is not available on Spotify.