Your (Almost) Daily Playlist: 10-22-22

Today’s playlist celebrates the October 22 birthdays of Bobby Fuller, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, The Rascals’ Eddie Brigati, Dead Boys’ Stiv Bators, Shelby Lynne, Shaggy, Mountain’s Leslie West, Plan B, Annette Funicello, Pratt & McClain’s Truett Pratt, Baby Keem, Paul Lekakis, The Four Preps’ Bruce Belland, John Wesley Harding, and Franz Liszt; and the October 23 birthdays of Miguel, The Dixie Cups’ Barbara Ann Hawkins, Charlie Foxx, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and The Raindrops’ Ellie Greenwich.

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A Nirvana Playlist

Kurt Cobain (b. February 20, 2967) was dating Tobi Vail of the band Bikini Kill. Vail wore Teen Spirit perfume. One drunken night Kurt’s friend and Vail’s bandmate Kathleen Hanna wrote “Kurt smells like teen spirit” on Kurt’s bedroom wall. Kurt wasn’t aware of the perfume; he thought Hanna was commenting on the revolutionary spirit of youth. You know what happened next.

Here are 29 of Nirvana’s best, plus a bonus cut inspired by the group’s success.

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