A Hint Of Mint – Volume 2

On this installment of A Hint of Mint, we:
– Hear the hit song from an Irish quartet about a gay man telling his homophobic father he’s contracted AIDS (more about that song here)
– Hear the original version of “(They Long to Be) Close to You,” from 1963
– Hear the hit song performed by a woman from a famous musical family, written by her as a ballad tribute to a friend who dies from AIDS-related illness but transformed as a dance/house anthem
– Celebrate National Bike Month
– Celebrate Dance Like a Chicken Day (May 14)
– Hear a minty song from Donovan
– Celebrate Limerick Day (May 12) with a very-NSFW song from Loudon Wainwright, followed by a NSFW song about him by his daughter and a song he wrote performed by his son
– Hear a couple of songs that appeared on the TV show Girls, one a Rolling Stones cover performed by lesbian twins, the other by a woman who won a Grammy earlier this year
– Honor Stevie Wonder with two covers and one song on which he plays harmonica
– Hear recordings one is unlikely to hear elsewhere

A Hint of Mint – Volume 2 from Glenn Schwartz on 8tracks Radio.

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