My Top 30 Songs Of 2022 (Thus Far)*

Some publications/sites published their Best Of 2022 So Far lists at what they consider to be the year’s halfway mark, i.e. early June. Hey Billboard Magazine, 738 B.C. wants its calendar back! Zing! I attended class the day we were taught there are twelve months in a year. Today, three days shy of the year’s halfway point, I present to you my 30 favorite songs of 2022 thus far, with an asterisk, the asterisk being that I limited each artist to one song. No need to have The Weeknd hog several spots. Also, a few of these tracks were released in 2021; however, they hit their peak or received the majority of their airplay in 2022. I don’t think that calls for an asterisk, though I thought you should know before any of you leave a snarky comment. I’m against snark, unless it references the number of days in a year. Anyhoosle…

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