In Praise Of Salt

Ringo + Salt 002
I love Salt. Not salt, the seasoning, which I read on Wikipedia is essential to the health of people and animals but I find is overused, particularly on French fries ordered from restaurants that are a step above fast food. I mean I love Salt, of Salt-N-Pepa. I also love Pepa, as well their DJ, Spinderella.

Listening to today’s playlist, created in honor of Salt, who turns 48 today, I’m reminded of the time I took a hip hop dance course. I thought I was going to learn how to pop and lock to 2Pac and Snoop Dogg, but instead we were taught jazz hands-like moves set to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop.” I love the soundtrack, but didn’t think the moves would go down well should I be challenged to a dance battle in the inner city, which happens more often than you think (in my dreams). I have bad knees, so I find it difficult to shoop, but I can push it. Push it real good.

S-N-P had eight top 40 pop hits in the US. One of them, the gold-certified “Do You Want Me,” is not on Spotify, so I’m kicking off our festivities with its video, ‘cause goshdarnit, I love that song.

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