Queer Music of the 1990s

What makes compiling lists of queer music by decades more challenging as we move forward in time is that the number of songs from which to choose keeps increasing greatly. For today’s playlist, I started with a list of several hundred songs by out LGBTQ+ acts or with LGBTQ+ subject matter, from which I whittled it down to the 30 tunes below. I second guess myself a lot. Should three of the first four songs be by straight-identifying acts? Should I include a lightweight novelty number over something by Maria McKee? (I decided yes, though I love Maria.) I didn’t necessarily choose my favorites. Instead I went for songs/acts that were on some level trailblazers. Here they be:

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I Hate Verizon Wireless But I Like The Lemonheads

Now that I no longer have health insurance via Anthem Blue Cross, there is a new company at the top of my Worst Customer Service With Whom I Have To Deal list. Congratulations, Verizon Wireless!

Unlike Anthem Blue Cross, Verizon Wireless used to have excellent customer service. When I signed on with them around ten years ago I was consistently amazed at how on it they were, even calling me to check on my service and offer money-saving options.

At some point around three or four years ago they decided to take a different approach – screw over their customers as much as possible. They decided training their staff was a waste of time and money. “If someone calls to say their phone isn’t working, just tell them to do a factory reset.” The factory resets never work.

I hate poor customer service. If I’m paying money, beaucoup money at that, I expect to be treated better by the recipient of that money. I dropped Anthem Blue Cross and I’m in the process of leaving Verizon Wireless.

It isn’t that easy, though. I’ve dealt with AT&T and T-Mobile in the past, and their customer service departments are no great shakes. Forget Sprint – I hear their service is awful on all counts. I’m seeking to go with a smaller company.

I read about Ting, who use either Sprint or T-Mobile’s towers to…here’s where I get lost. I called Ting Customer Service to guide me through choosing a new phone that works with their service. They were very friendly, explaining to me how it works and even helping me find a smartphone compatible with them.

I ordered a new phone. It cost a few hundred bucks, but in the end it’ll be worth it as I’m not tied to a two-year service contract and Ting’s monthly bills are far lower than the major carriers.

My phone arrived. I called Ting to set it up. Turns out the phone they advised me to buy doesn’t run on their 4G network, only 2G.

I hate Ting. I hate all cell phone service providers.

That reminds me…I need to sort out my health coverage. Thus far in 2015 I have received nine letters from California’s health care offices, each one contradicting the information in the one before it. It’s enough to give a man an ulcer. Hopefully that man has health insurance.

On a brighter note, today is the birthday of Evan Dando, leader of The Lemonheads. Enjoy this twenty-song playlist.

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Tonys! Tonys! Tonys!

The Tony Awards, celebrating excellence on the Broadway stages, are being presented this evening. The Tony Awards are like the gay version of the Tony Awards. That’s how gay they are.

Last year I took second place in a speech contest where I spoke about the effect Broadway had on my life. Here is that speech, followed by a playlist consisting of cover versions of Broadway classics.