I Hate Verizon Wireless But I Like The Lemonheads

Now that I no longer have health insurance via Anthem Blue Cross, there is a new company at the top of my Worst Customer Service With Whom I Have To Deal list. Congratulations, Verizon Wireless!

Unlike Anthem Blue Cross, Verizon Wireless used to have excellent customer service. When I signed on with them around ten years ago I was consistently amazed at how on it they were, even calling me to check on my service and offer money-saving options.

At some point around three or four years ago they decided to take a different approach – screw over their customers as much as possible. They decided training their staff was a waste of time and money. “If someone calls to say their phone isn’t working, just tell them to do a factory reset.” The factory resets never work.

I hate poor customer service. If I’m paying money, beaucoup money at that, I expect to be treated better by the recipient of that money. I dropped Anthem Blue Cross and I’m in the process of leaving Verizon Wireless.

It isn’t that easy, though. I’ve dealt with AT&T and T-Mobile in the past, and their customer service departments are no great shakes. Forget Sprint – I hear their service is awful on all counts. I’m seeking to go with a smaller company.

I read about Ting, who use either Sprint or T-Mobile’s towers to…here’s where I get lost. I called Ting Customer Service to guide me through choosing a new phone that works with their service. They were very friendly, explaining to me how it works and even helping me find a smartphone compatible with them.

I ordered a new phone. It cost a few hundred bucks, but in the end it’ll be worth it as I’m not tied to a two-year service contract and Ting’s monthly bills are far lower than the major carriers.

My phone arrived. I called Ting to set it up. Turns out the phone they advised me to buy doesn’t run on their 4G network, only 2G.

I hate Ting. I hate all cell phone service providers.

That reminds me…I need to sort out my health coverage. Thus far in 2015 I have received nine letters from California’s health care offices, each one contradicting the information in the one before it. It’s enough to give a man an ulcer. Hopefully that man has health insurance.

On a brighter note, today is the birthday of Evan Dando, leader of The Lemonheads. Enjoy this twenty-song playlist.

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