Labeling Sinéad O’Connor

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Is she or isn’t she? Sinéad O’Connor in her own words:

“I would say that I’m a lesbian. Although I haven’t been very open about that and throughout most of my life I’ve gone out with blokes because I haven’t necessarily been terribly comfortable about being a lesbian. But I actually am a lesbian.” (2000, in Curve magazine)

“That I have explored my sexuality is accurate and I have no shame about that and would, if I fell in love with a woman, have as few qualms about expressing it as if I were a man. I have only ever been in love with one woman. One other, years ago when I was 20, I simply slept with selfishly for sexual exploratory purposes. Though of course I loved her, I was not, as they say, ‘in love’ with her. The one I was in love with was a brief relationship conducted more recently with a lovely American woman who was an angel to me and saved my life in many ways and to whom I owe a very great debt of love and gratitude. And whom I still adore. Although we are no longer a couple, I love her deeply. These are the only homosexual experiences I have had so far. Of perhaps thirty people I’ve been with since eleven years of age, two have been women, the rest men. I am rarely attracted to women but loved making love with the women I loved. I believe it was overcompensating of me to declare myself a lesbian. It was not a publicity stunt. I was trying to make someone else feel better. And have subsequently caused pain for myself. I am not in a box of any description.” (a little later in 2000, in The Independent newspaper)

“I’m three-quarters heterosexual, a quarter gay.” (2005, in Entertainment Weekly magazine)

“Any man I contemplate has to be into anal sex.…I’ve had reasonable complaints from lesbians that they have been excluded. This was terribly remiss of me and I would now like to make it clear that women will also be very much considered.” (2011, on her blog)

“In my youth, I did some exploring of bisexuality. And perhaps I said things, put labels on things, and put measurements on things that actually you can’t put measurements on. I wouldn’t put labels of either gay or fucking straight or any other thing. I do believe people often explore their sexuality….I was brought up to believe sex was a shame, so I was determined I was going to fuck my way beyond that. I was going to explore my sexuality. So there was maybe three occasions where I had sex with women that I fancied….I always believed that whatever kind of sex, as long as it’s consensual and no one is getting hurt…is a sacred thing. No matter how filthy or sweet it might be.” (2013, on

“If I fall in love with someone, I wouldn’t give a shit if they were a man or a woman.” (2014, on

Eleven years of age???

Today Sinéad O’Connor turns 48 years old. Here are twenty of her best.

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