Tunes Du Jour Presents 2017

In the realm of music, 2017 proved to be a year of vibrant eclecticism, where established artists continued to push boundaries and emerging voices made their mark. The year’s soundtrack was a rich collection of narratives, each song telling its own story, whether it be Kendrick Lamar’s thought-provoking lyricism on “HUMBLE.”, or Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” an anthem of confidence and empowerment.

The year also saw artists like Future and Lil Uzi Vert pushing the boundaries of rap music, while Lorde and Portugal. The Man offered a more introspective take on pop. Drake’s “Passionfruit” and Calvin Harris’ “Slide” were the smooth, rhythmic tracks that became the backdrop of many summer nights, showcasing the seamless blend of R&B and electronic music.

Veterans like Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus reinvented themselves, leaving behind their pure pop personas for more mature, soulful expressions in “Sign of the Times” and “Malibu,” respectively. Meanwhile, SZA and Sampha delivered deeply personal albums that spoke to the complexities of relationships and self-discovery.

The indie scene was no less vibrant, with King Krule, St. Vincent, and The War on Drugs each offering a unique sonic experience that defied mainstream trends. And let’s not forget the poignant comeback of Kesha, who reminded us of the redemptive power of music.

As we reminisce about the tunes of 2017, it’s impossible not to feel the excitement and energy they brought into our lives. Each track on this playlist brings its own flavor to the table. It’s not just about the songs; it’s about the memories they evoke, the feelings they stir, and the way they become the soundtrack to our lives. Let’s crank up the volume, lose ourselves in the melodies, and celebrate the music of 2017.

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